Where Do I Stand Politically?

I normally call myself a classical liberal and centrist. I find it hard to really call myself anything else with a certain amount of accuracy. Mainly because the questions used on political surveys, quizzes, and tests deal (most of the time) with dynamic and multi-variable situations. For instance, one thing might be worse off now than in 5 years so my opinion of it might change and so on.

Overall, the complete “I Side With”, “8 Values”, and Enhanced-Precision Political Quizzes are the most accurate IMO.

Here are some political quizzes for you to take that I took and will share my result on:

  1. I Side With 2017 Political Quiz
    1. 100+ questions
      1. click more questions in each area for a better accuracy IMO
    2. My result: Centrist
  2. Pew Research Center Political Party Quiz 
    1. Based on a 6 page March 2016 Political Survey on 2,254 persons (18+) in the USA
    2. 11 question quiz
    3. My result: Conservative Republican
  3. Pew Research Political Typology Quiz
    1. Based on a 16 page Jan to March 2014 National Survey on 10,013 adults
    2. 23 questions
    3. My result: Steadfast Conservative
      1. When you take the quiz there is a box called “Ideological Placement.” It gives you a more direct answer as to how moderate or extreme you are on you side. I was very moderately conservative (just barely being to the right of the exact middle).
  4. Advocates of Self-Government Political Quiz
    1. 10 question quiz
    2. My result: Right-Leaning Centrist
      1. Exact Score: Personal-40 and Economic-70
  5. NBC News 2016 Political Quiz
    1. 16 question quiz
    2. My Result: Don’t Tread on Me
  6. Nolan Chart Political Quiz
    1. 20 questions
    2. My Results: Libertarian-Leaning Moderate
      1. Exact Score: Personal-60 Economic-65
      2. On social and economic issues I have a slight tendency towards individualism.
  7. Build Quorum Political Spectrum Quiz
    1. 20 questions
    2. My result: Libertarian-Leaning Conservative
  8. “BestPoliticalQuiz.com”
    1. 20 questions
    2. My result:
      1. Primary Label-Centrist
        1. Socially Conservative
        2. Economically Centrist
  9. 8 Values Political Quiz
    1. 70 questions
    2. My result:
      1. Primary Label-Moderate Conservatism
        1. Economically Centrist
        2. Diplomatic Balanced
        3. Civilly Moderate
        4. Societally Traditional
  10. “On the Issues” Vote Match Quiz
    1. 20 questions
    2. My result: Populist Conservative
      1. Exact Score: Personal 23% and Economic 48%
    3. Does more than tell you political philosophy or party
      1. Remember to select “Political Philosophy” in top left corner of the screen
  11. Enhanced-Precision Political Quiz
    1. 15 questions
    2. My result: Moderate

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