In Depth-400m


Above are 18 videos on the 400m regarding: technique, lowering times, etc.



The Phases of a 400m

  1. 0-10m — the first 7 steps
  2. 10-60m
  3. 60-200m
  4. 200-315m
  5. 315-400m


Events that require strength and power utilize the ATP/CP energy stores. With the ATP/CP energy system it a matter of  use it or lose it.  So you might as well use it.  We have discussed the energy systems associated with sprinting and enhanced sports performance before but to better illustrate it for this article here is a brief synopsis of exercise physiology and how it relates to the phases described above.

  • 0-1 sec – ATP/CP (i.e. shot put)
  • 1-7 sec – Anaerobic (i.e. 60 meters)
  • 7-40 sec – Anaerobic Alactic (i.e. 100-200m)
  • 40 sec – 2 min – Anaerobic Lactic (i.e. 400-800m)

Generally speaking , an athlete takes

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