About My Site

This website is dedicated to the expansion of knowledge in all aspects of life.

Be it:

  • religion
  • physicality
  • societal issues
  • techniques
  • and many more

This site may be a bit controversial at times and we will try our best to present an unbiased view and report of the facts. If you have any questions click the “CONTACT ME” tab at the top of the page.


“We’re also writing a book called “R.A.W.:Revolutionaries At Work, An Unbiased Perspective.”
Over time we’ll be updating this page with PDF’s so that anyone can see the progress being made.
The book is being made electronically using CANVA.
The book will be written primarily by myself, a centrist, with additional perspectives from an anarcho-socialistJ. Razgriz.
We hope to release the book before 2019 ends.”

– Christian Chester